Well, I’m almost done with my fourth week on weight watchers, and I’ve been exercising now for three. It has been going well, especially the exercising. I’m really enjoying that. My weight loss has actually slowed, but I keep reminding myself that is to be expected since I’m doing twenty minute workouts every day. I’m only losing about a pound, if that, a week. Still, I keep telling myself that it is a loss, and the exercise will help me see results actually faster than otherwise. I can actually tell that I’m getting stronger, which is a plus. I am doing intermediate workouts now, but I still have my beginner goal up so that if I run into an intermediate workout that is too hard for me, I can do the beginner one. I’ve added some moves to specifically target my waistline, and I need to add some moves to specifically target my butt. Last time I lost weight, I targeted my waistline but not my butt, and my butt never went anywhere. I would have been able to wear much smaller sizes if I had targeted that area. But things are going well, and I can tell I’m stronger, and I’m looking toward the final end result and trying not to get frustrated that I’m only losing about a pound a week. With the muscle I’m gaining from my workouts, I will be burning calories faster, but muscle weighs more than fat, so I’m trying to remember that. I will see the benefits in my better-fitting clothes before long, I’m sure.

Another video for inspiration:

Britney Spears’ Stronger

Since I’m getting stronger and everything…

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