Power 90 and Low-Carb

Well, my second week of low-carbing is over, and it went just as well as the first week. This is definitely something that I feel I could do for the rest of my life. I feel so much better, I’m not hungry all of the time, and my energy level is through the roof. To think, I haven’t had any bread, pasta, or cereal in two weeks and I feel this great! I also haven’t had any milk (it has a lot of carbs). I haven’t cut all dairy – I’ve been eating some cheese. And lots of veggies. If you can’t tell, I am so excited about how well it is going. And its pretty much a no-brainer. If something makes you feel this good without leaving you hungry all of the time, why wouldn’t you do it? I even think I’ve detected some looseness in my clothing in the last couple of days, but sometimes I wonder if that’s all in my head because I want my clothes to be loose.

But it may not be in my head for long. My wonderful and loving boyfriend beat me – he ordered an exercise program before I did. I was looking into The FIRM’s new Wave program, because I LOVE the FIRM. I had planned on ordering it in a week or so because I will have the money then. But my boyfriend ordered the Power 90 system and we got it yesterday. I did my first workout with it today, and I have to say, I’m glad that he ordered it because I did a whole workout without feeling like I was overdoing it. The thing about the FIRM stuff is, I’m not in good enough shape for it. So maybe I will hold off and order that after I get through this Power 90. But after doing it, or at least my first day of it, I’m even more excited about doing it. It should be great. I took my measurements today, too, so that I can track my progress. If I ever get discouraged I can just take my measurements and see how far I’ve come. That will probably motivate me to go even farther.

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