Getting It Together

So I’ve been doing well with my diet for about two months now. I’ve only had two cheat days – one last Friday and one in May. My boyfriend and I went to the beach, where he asked me to marry him. And so, since we are getting married in two years, at the beach, I need to start getting really serious about getting into shape.

I said something to my trainer about being bored with P90, the same two workouts over and over and over and over again. It gets old quick. And he recommended that I try a different program. And so I have started the Master Series today, in the hopes that I won’t get bored and it will keep me engaged long enough to accomplish something.

I have also started doing Balintawak training with my boyfriend on the nights of the week that he is home. It is very low-impact, and very fun. I have fun, anyway. I wish we had some more drills to work on, though. We work on the same ones over and over again. The only thing we have to work on with them is speed. Hopefully we will be working on that soon.

I’m tired, though. Sometimes I think that this is probably how people in boot camp feel. I have been trying to take it a little easy at work, since I’m doing so many workouts, and so far it isn’t too bad. I’m hoping I can hold out, though. I’m trying not to go too hard on the workouts, since I’m not used to doing them.

And so that is how things are going so far. I will check back soon and we will see how it is going from here.

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