Days 1 and 2

So today is Wednesday, my third day going Paleo. So far everything is going well! For breakfast on Monday I had a three egg cinnamon apple omelet – crazy sounding, I know, but it was actually pretty good. I have stuck to huge salads for lunch with no cheese and some type of lean meat thrown in. Dinner Monday was baked chicken and green beans, and yesterday it was baked salmon and salad.

Today I started off with a huge three egg veggie omelet, and I have to say that the eggs aren’t cutting it. One of the books I read said that eggs don’t have as much protein as meats, and I can tell because today I was hungry twenty minutes after eating that omelet. I stopped by the store after dropping my youngest daughter off at school and got some shrimp, and that has helped. I may have to start doing something different with my breakfasts. Yesterday I threw in some roasted butternut squash with coconut oil (my new comfort food) and I think that kept me from getting too hungry.

So I haven’t been able to stay off the scale because I can feel how much less bloated I am. I am already down to the lowest weight I achieved after three months of Weight Watchers. (Those were some rough months!) I do recognize that it is all water weight at this point, but it still feels good to see the numbers go down!

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