Day 6 – And a Flounder Recipe

So this morning I had baked salmon with dill (very yummy) and broccoli for breakfast. My teenage daughter, in an effort to be helpful since I have been in bed all day resting my ankle, fixed me eggs and bacon for lunch. How could I say no to her? She was being so helpful all day, so I ate the eggs and bacon. I was hungry all afternoon, but it was okay. For dinner I fixed flounder. I had found a recipe on some website that I had to modify, but it came out very well.

Here is what I did:

2 Tbsp coconut oil

2 tsp dill weed

one lemon

four flounder fillets

sliced almonds

First you melt the coconut oil on medium heat in a skillet, and when it is all melted you add the dill weed. While the dill weed is flavoring the oil, apply the juice from the lemon to the flounder fillets (I squeezed the juice all over the fillets and let them sit in the juice while the oil was melting). After the oil is hot and the flounder has sat in the juice for a bit, put the flounder in the skillet and cook on both sides until the fish can be flaked with a fork (I don’t know how to tell you how long to cook it – I don’t time it, I just watch for it to get that “flaking” texture). After you have cooked all of the fillets, add some more coconut oil to the skillet and put the sliced almonds into the oil for a couple of minutes. After that, put the almonds on top of the flounder and serve.

I’m not sure that my boyfriend was crazy about the almonds on the fish, but he did say that it was good.

I also had an artichoke with my dinner. I’d never had one before, but I can assure you that I will probably be having another one in the near future. I got another butternut squash while I was at the store, so that will probably be my dessert tonight. I need something sweet!

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