The Sugar Tantrum

I told my boyfriend that I have felt like these past few days have been a “make-it-or-break-it” time for me with this lifestyle. I’ve been tired, the smell of anything sweet has been driving me crazy, and I’m having cravings like crazy. Not for anything specific – just for sugar in general. I think even a piece of plain bread would have calmed my body down. I wasn’t sure exactly what was going on until I visited the Whole 30 website to try to find some answers.

If you have never been to the Whole 30 or Whole 9 websites, I highly recommend that you go. There is a wealth of information on those sites that will give you all of the tools you need to live a healthy life. Plus, they have the 30 day challenge, which is great. Basically it is eating strict Paleo for thirty days. If you don’t feel better after thirty days, go back to your old habits – it is that simple.

So I was going through their website looking for information about how I was feeling, and I came across a blurb about “sugar tantrums.” Basically this is when your body has had it with not getting any sugar and makes you feel like crap until you give it some. I think that it is an off and on process that your body goes through until it gets used to the fact that it will have to use stored body fat and the food it is getting as energy. The key to getting through the sugar tantrum is willpower and good fats.

I think that on some level I knew that this was what was happening, but I’m not sure that I have handled it the right way. I cut down on my vegetable consumption simply because I wanted guacamole – I started getting fajita filling for lunch from the Mexican place down the road from where I work (basically the meat, peppers, onions, and guac). Not entirely bad, but not a good choice for three meals out of the whole week. Especially since I don’t know if they make their guacamole in-house or not. It could have all kinds of preservatives and crap in it. I would be much better off getting a salad and putting some avocado slices on it.

Then there was the coffee episode from the other night. That will never happen again! Cream is so out after that episode. And I think it will be a while before I want any bacon again.

So I feel almost like I am starting over, although I have done very well. I give myself many props for not putting anything with gluten into my mouth, and having the smarts to look up these issues that I’m having. After all, knowledge is power. The more I know, the easier it will be to power through this.

So I do need to make a few changes. No more fajita filling! Not for a while, anyway. It was supposed to be a one-time treat a week ago and it turned into the three time treat. That is just insane. Coffee may also go for the time being, so that I can focus on being as healthy as possible and getting my body over this hump. Although…I may think about the coffee some more. Coffee isn’t all that bad; it is the stuff we put in it that is bad. Caffeine isn’t all that good, though.

I am going to go back to my salads for lunch. My body was doing really well with that. If I feel the tantrum coming on, I’ll get an avocado. And I may keep some fruit on hand like I was doing, also. That will probably help, also.

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