Sleep and Dreams

I have been amazed lately at my body’s ability to tell me when it is tired. Every night for the past week at 9:30 it feels as if the sleepy time Mack truck has hit me. It is an effort to just get ready for bed because I am so tired, and going to sleep is absolutely no problem. I told my fiancĂ© last night that I felt as if it wouldn’t matter if I was laying on a rock; I’d be able to go to sleep regardless.

This is a lot different from life before Paleo. It was so easy to stay up late, and when I felt like crap the next day I knew I could reach for a muffin or a pastry or something and feel better.

Speaking of muffins and pastries, I actually dreamed about bread last night. For some reason it was mostly biscuits. I remember going through this when I stopped smoking; I would actually dream about smoking. I’m not sure if this is the way my body mourns for its drug of choice, but I am highly amused by it. Maybe it is my body’s way of sending me messages: “Give me bread, please!!!” I find it even more curious that I would dream about bread at the precise time that I feel like I’m getting over the carb withdrawals. Well, at least I am physically. Sounds like I still have some work to do mentally.

One thought on “Sleep and Dreams

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