Cooking in a Seasonal Fashion

During my weekly trip to the farmer’s market I stopped to talk to one of the vendors that I frequent. She asked me if I had tried any of the winter squash yet. “Not really,” was my reply. “But I know that I need to start trying some because you don’t have much zucchini and yellow squash left!” To which she replied, “What you see out here is the last we’ll have this season.”

So I really need to be finding some recipes quick! I have one that I am hoping to try this week for a stuffed delicata squash – something that I not only have never seen before, but never heard of, either! I bought a few acorn squashes this trip, as well as an amber something-or-other that the vendor assured me was good, but not as good as the buttercup squash that she recommended I try next time.

So since I have a bunch of squash that I have never worked with or tasted before, I will definitely have to start looking up some recipes to fix.

On another note, I caved to my teenager this weekend. My teenager has basically been on a hunger strike at my house (although I guess she’s been eating okay at her father’s). She won’t eat well over three-quarters of the meat I’ve been cooking, and none of the vegetables. While I have gotten my five-year-old to try some things, my teenager has stubbornly refused to eat. Night after night I have called her to dinner, and night after night she has stated flatly that she isn’t hungry.

So when I went to the grocery store today I bought stuff I know that she’ll eat: breaded buffalo chicken strips, hamburger helper – all stuff that I know is really bad for her. But I guess in this case I need to pick my battles; I know how picky she is because she’s been that way all of her life. Asking her to totally change her eating habits overnight just isn’t going to happen. She may not even change them in months. But I suppose that I can provide her with what I know she will eat because I really hate the thought of her going to bed hungry in the evenings, no matter how I feel about what she will eat.

So, score one for the teenager.

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