Uh, Oh

So last night I cooked a Paleo enchilada recipe. It was pretty good. It wasn’t enchilada-like, as I didn’t have anything that resembled a tortilla anywhere in the house. But the flavors were good and I really enjoyed it.

Until the middle of the night.

The sauce for these enchiladas was mostly made up of tomatoes, something that I have been thinking may cause me some issues. The thinking stage is over; I now know that tomatoes cause me issues. I was so looking forward to making up some sleep last night, sleeping in today, and waking up ready to take on my homework.

I woke up at 3 o’clock and could not go back to sleep.

I know that I am good as long as I don’t have too many tomatoes. The other day I had a slice of tomato with a chicken breast and I had no problems. But this recipe called for four tomatoes, and I easily ate half of what I cooked. So it is very likely that I had two tomatoes worth of enchilada filling last night.

I can’t really complain too bad; one of the hallmarks of the Paleo diet is experimenting and finding out what works for your body and what doesn’t. It is an exercise in actively listening to your body, and it works well. I now know things that I wasn’t sure about yesterday, and I can move forward being aware of that knowledge as I find other new recipes to try.

On another note, I have become completely obsessed with the idea of starting Crossfit. I can’t even do homework for watching Crossfit videos and reading Crossfit websites. I am doing this post on my iPad because I know that I am less likely to get sucked into the Crosfit madness on here than on my laptop. Maybe I will actually get some homework done!

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