Crossfit Workout #3

So I had a breakthrough this evening during my last foundations class: I have been sitting on my butt for so long that I have forgotten how to breathe properly! And I used to be a trumpet player, so this is really mind-boggling for me. I haven’t gotten so far as to pay attention to how I am breathing during the workouts, but after the workout was over today, I did nothing but focus on my breathing. It has helped tremendously! I don’t have a sore throat like I have had after my other workouts, and I feel better now than I have after any of my previous workouts. Just goes to show you how important breathing is, I guess.

So I finished all three of my foundation classes, and it has been determined that I have absolutely no flexibility whatsoever. I can’t even do a squat right! I’ve spoken to two coaches about it, and one gave me some stretches to do and the other gave me a modification to do to practice doing squats correctly. So I will be working on those things, as well as looking forward to my regular classes starting next week!

3 thoughts on “Crossfit Workout #3

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