The Value of Preparation (and A Rant About No-Poo)

Okay, so I’ve been away for a while. Life got kind of crazy when my house got broken into, but things are beginning to settle into a routine. I think it is time for the same to be said about my eating habits! Don’t misunderstand – I haven’t completely fallen off the wagon. But I’m willing to bet that I have consumed more sugar in the past two weeks than I have in the preceding nine months, because I haven’t been feeling like my usual energetic self (and I’ve been starting to crave some really bad stuff).

Can you believe that I’ve been eating Paleo for NINE months? And not just eating it, either, but really living it! I stopped using shampoo in my hair well over a month ago. My hairdresser told me that my hair was crazy dry and very unhealthy quite a while ago, so I have been looking for alternatives ever since. Who’d have thought that I would find one in the Paleo community? Apparently there is a whole movement based on not using shampoo. What most people do is either wash with straight-up conditioner, which was how I started out. I was so worried about my hair at the time and the ingredients in that conditioner, that I began to use baking soda to wash my hair and apple cider vinegar to clarify (although when I posted this link I realized that I was not diluting the vinegar enough…maybe that is why no one wants to get close to me any more). Now the next step for me is to find an all natural curl enhancer, since my hair is naturally curly, I refuse to put more nasty chemical-laden product in it, and I now have a gigantic frizz-ball on top of my head after I actually use the baking soda. I don’t do the baking soda every day – I have been trying for only once a week, but have only managed to make it four days without washing. The reward was that, when I went back to see my hairdresser last weekend, she said that my hair was very healthy! She made quite a face at me when I explained to her what I was doing, but she had to admit that it was working.

But anyway, it has been nine months. And the rewards have been endless. But it is definitely time for me to get things back into a routine now, which means that I need to actually plan my week like I used to! That means that I will be doing quite a bit of cooking this weekend in order to have food to take for my lunches during the week. I also need to get with the other people in my newly-formed household and create some kind of menu for dinners throughout the week, too. Nothing like preparation to keep one on track!


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