My, How the Tables Have Turned

Sometimes all it takes is a good health scare to get you out of the rut you’ve been in and into a better way of doing things. That is what is currently happening to me. After years being off of the Paleo lifestyle and using my own misguided version of intuitive eating techniques to manage…whatever I thought I was managing, I have found myself in the hospital and diagnosed with diabetes and congestive heart failure. Today will be my sixth day in the hospital as the cardiac team works to try to figure out the cause of my congestive heart failure. Everyone who has talked to me about this has commented on how young I am to be going through this. I have to agree with them, and I have to figure out how to climb out of this hole that seems to be a creation of my own doing, no matter how I look at it.

When I stopped living the Paleo lifestyle, I was concerned that I had turned it into an eating disorder. Looking back after all this time, I still stand by my decision to loosen up. But maybe that is what I should have done – loosen up intead of completely shutting it down. That probably wouldn’t have worked. There was an unhealthy mindset going on at that time and I needed to break out of it. Loosening up would not have broken that mindset, no matter how much I think now it could have helped.

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