The Fair

The fair was in town this weekend, and my fiancé was all ready to go – because of the food. While I was excited about going to the fair, I was not excited about the food. What in the world could I possibly eat while at the fair? Everything that I’ve seen at the fair is fried anything-you-can-think-of, meaning that they usually bread the items, meaning that they were out when it comes to my consumption. While it was slightly tempting to think about having a cheat day to get through it, I have absolutely no desire to go through two more weeks of feeling like crap and fighting cravings simply because I couldn’t show any self control while at the fair. So I planned on eating something before we went.

Well, fair day arrived and it was a busy day. Somewhere during the day I remembered the turkey legs they have at the fair, and how I’ve always wanted one. I felt better about things after that.

When we got there we went through and looked at the fair entries, and then our crew started getting hungry. My fiancé knew exactly what he wanted and we followed him through the entire food section until we found what he wanted. It was a good opportunity for me to scout out the situation and find something that I could eat. I noticed a trailer set up, selling steak tips. I immediately got excited about that, and after everyone else was taken care of (including a funnel cake for my oldest daughter – yum!) I went back to the steak tip display.

When I got there, I took in the menu, and lo and behold – they had a low-carb platter! Steak tips with green peppers, mushrooms, and onions. Green beans. A salad! I had hit the jackpot! And what a jackpot it was – the steak tasted even better than I expected. It was a perfect meal – and I found it at the fair!

I am still very proud of myself for sticking to my guns and getting through the fair experience with my lifestyle choice intact. I did go and get the turkey leg that I had been looking forward to, as well, and that was the dessert to the best Paleo fair meal that I could have hoped for.

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